Tuesday, 9 March 2010


I forgot to say, at the awsome happening-treat-for-free Marina and the Diamonds-concert I was lucky enough to find out about and attend on friday, she was wearing a very cool dress that I just have to share with you, fellow craft-godesses. It's kind of like a fusion of a godess- and a warrior-dress, which come to think of it is very suitable since she's part greek part welsh.

I also wanted to add her as an awsome role-model for young girls and women (after all it is the international female day today, or what exactily is it called in English?); single minded, talented, beautiful and with a fantastic figure that is not a copy of all other beautiful famous women who sometimes seem to all come from the very same mould (or at least family).Actually, I'm not that young anymore but she inspires me too.

So to all young (and old) women who are sad not to look like a supemodel (or a porn-star, that seems to be the other big look of today): take a look at Marina!

And the dress. I love the big leathery scales on the shoulders. And the fact that the body seems to be a very simple tube of jersey (copy-cat-potential).

Sorry about the crappy pictures, I forgot to bring my camera and used my Iphone instead...

Inspiration for similar clothes are often found at my favourite refashion-source, Outsapop (not that I ever make any, but I am inspired!).

Tonight I'm not listening to Marina though, today is Mogwai-evening. This is a good one: Mogwai – I’m Jim Morrison, I’m Dead  (and as usual you must have Spotify to be able to listen through the link, but they can also be listened to here).

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