Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Drape Drape vol. 2

I'm not sewing anything at the moment. Or, well, I'm sewing a lot, but no clothes, I'm working on transforming my paper tape dressform that I made last christmas to a pinnable, more correct version. It seems to work, but it's a heckload of work and it keeps me quite busy.

But when I found the second volume of Drape Drape on the internet last week, I just couldn't stop myself. Even though the only more complex thing (I also made a simple tank-top that I've actually used a lot) I made yet from volume one turned out tiiiny (I think the patterns are actually true to size, unlike most western patterns, I will give it another go). There are still a couple of dresses in it that I'd like to try, so I'll get back to it.

But volume two is just more... me! I got it from Pompadour24 at Etsy, I do recommend trying that out if you haven't already! It was way faster than Yesasia (that I used for volume one), and I like supporting small businesses (especially ones that enable me to buy Japanese fabrics, books and notions at the click of a button!).

I love the fact that when you open the book there's a picture almost identical to the cover picture, but the model has turned her head and looks at you. Very elegant.

And these dresses... simple with a twist. Just like it should be. And very wearable (the one on the right perhaps with a tanktop underneath. Or maybe just with a simple stitch in the middle front, to prevent indecent exposure).

This grey dress, I think, is the reason I had to buy the book. I'm guessing it will be one of the first ones I try out. The yellow blouse may be one of the last ones, not because it's not beautful (it is!) but because it seems like too much work. Later.

The T-shirt on the left might just be my first project though. And I really like both skirts, but the one on the right is fabulous. Very Acne Lanvin actually.

See? Sister-skirts. This Acne Lanvin is from the Spring 2010 collection, one of the ones I had saved in my inspiration-folder.
Funny coincidence!

Update: The "original" denim Acne/Lanvin is 6195 skr, that's about 830 US$, well worth the effort to make it oneself, in other words... :-)

And now I'm back to my dressform! Like I said it's hard work. And you get sticky fingers covered in felt. This is after a good soap-bath (I later discovered that cooking-oil is a super-efficient sprayglue remover).

This was the state of things this morning. The right hand side is almost finished. It looks a bit tattered because of the remains of sprayglue still on the surface, but I think I'll keep it like this. I like it that all my stitches are visable (very Edward Scissorhands), and to be honest, I can't be bothered making a cover for it. I want to make clothes again after this!

I plan on posting a tuorial for this after it's finished (I've tried pinning in it, I use it as a giant pin-cushion when I hand sew all the seams on it, and it works really well)!


  1. That book looks really amazing... Can't wait to see your creations! And a tutorial for a stubborn-but-worthwhile dress form? Now that is music to my ears!

  2. frk, bustad, I actually thought of you as I'm making this 2:nd incarnation of the paper tape dressform, I remember you mentioned you'd never used yours. Yup, I think it'll be worth it. I hope so. At least for stubborn folks with more time than money!

  3. The skirts are v cute, and I love the simplicity of the t-shirt, and the similar tank dress. Who could have thought a t-shirt could be so sophisticated?!

  4. What an undertaking with the dress form!

    I just finished my experiment with the drape drape no. 3 gather dress from the first book. My post on it will be up soon.

    Let's say, though I love the designs, between the lang barrier and the sizing, I won't be trying one again anytime soon :-)

  5. That really does look like a very involved project!
    I can't visualise where the art supply shop is in Shibuya near the bus station... but I know about the alleyway.. I lived in Tokyo from 98 - 07 so I visited those tiny bars several times!
    There's so much I miss about Japan that I won't start listing everything or I would be here all day...

  6. Ooh, your dress form is coming along fabulous! It looks amazing, very professional (this sort of thing is beyond my skills...!)
    And the pictures from drape drape are soooo enticing, might have to follow your lead (again! you are very inspiring) and get it too. Can't wait to see your creations from the book!

  7. pomadour24 also has an ebay shop, sometimes it's worth comparing prices and shipping fees. Just look for pomadour24 in the ebay sellers.

  8. Your dressform looks great!

    And the book...! I'm speechless, and so lusting after it! Must. get. hands. on. now.

  9. WHOAH. that's like, a whole 'nother person. that's amazing.

    i've been meaning to thank you for your awesome compliment on my blog but i thought it would get lost in the comments! (blogger, make a reply button!) and also been meaning to tell you, i ADORE your cowl dress pattern. it's vava voooom. i've made so many for myself, it's hard to find excuses to make more :). i can't wait to see what you do with thee drapey patterns.

  10. well, a thing that disturbe me on the book's pictures was how thin are the models and how unhappy they seem!
    Your dressform seems to give you a lot of trouble but looks worth it!
    Thank you for your visit: I think a 2 email would be a good idea (I think it would easier your contacts in blogland!) ;)

  11. Oh I think I need to buy this book....

  12. what I don't understand about these patterns is that they are ready-made, instead of altering a basic patterns so the user knows how to construct a pattern that's custom sized, I do like the patterns!


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