Sunday, 5 September 2010

drape drape vol.2, no.14, gather drape skirt

First, a word of warning: if you decide to make this skirt, do check the size very carefully. It's very fitted, which it should be, but if your hips are 92cm's (like mine) and you decide to make it a size right in between M (88 cm hips) and M/L  (92cm hips) because that size has worked well for you with other patterns from the same book, then think again. Make a M/L.

I actually really like that the sizing of the patterns correspond exactily to the measurements in the size chart. Even though it meant I had to do quite a bit of extra work on it.

Correct size-tables are such a rare thing in the world of sewing (a fact I find incomprehensible).
I had to cut a new - quite big - backpiece because I simply didn't fit into it at first, and I didn't have enough material to make an entirely new skirt. Fortunately it worked quite well! I don't think anyone can tell.

Now that I've overcome that little problem, I love this skirt! It looks almost identical to the skirt in the book, it's really flattering to wear (believe me, I look really bad in some pencil skirts) and despite being narrow it's actually comfortable.

 Here's the original skirt in the book. The only real difference I can see is that it looks a bit more gathered at the hips. I did measure, it said gather to 20cm's, and I did, so it might be due to different weights of material.

And finally, the Acne Lanvin that it totally resembles. Fun. I live in the Acne capital of the world, people will believe I've copied them, but oh, no...


  1. It looks great! Looks very cool with the boots.

  2. It looks terrific! Drape Drape really does fit narrow/small...

  3. Great! All your drape drape-pieces look fantastic. I follow your blog for a while now and when I saw drape drape 2 on your blog I ordered the book right away. It came in yesterday and I love it. I do have volume 1 too, but this one is better. Its very stimulating to see your work - you picked the same pieces I like to make. What fabric did you use for the skirt ? And can you please tell me about the hip-part of your striped dress - in which way did you fold the pleats?

  4. This skirt is fabulous, and all the pieces so far look a lot more wearable than the Pattern Magic samples ;P!!

  5. Thank you all!
    Teddie: Glad I inspired you and that you liked it after recieving it too :-)!
    I used a light weight, high quality wool for the skirt. It kind of bounces when you toch it, I think because the fibres are long, which also makes it easy to work with (it doesn't crease much but responds well to ironing/steaming).
    The folds on the navy+white stripey dress are folded downwards. Like the tiles on a roof, so that dust falls out of them rather than get stuck in them if I get stuck in a tornado or so :-). I hope that attempt at explaining with words made sense...

  6. My goodness, you are plowing through these! I am so impressed! They all look good, but I think this skirt and the one-side-drape t-shirt will push me over the edge and make me hunt this book down. Nice job(s)!

  7. Thanks for explaining it, it makes perfect sense to me! Teddie

  8. Wow you have been busy. I too am a sometimes follower of your blog and love your sense of style.

    I like your skirt better than the original. Better go and order that book!

  9. I love that skirt. It's amazing! Great work on deciphering that Japanese instructions!

  10. i'm french .. sorry i speak english verry bad ...
    i'm in trouble :
    the drill in the front : do you gather it at first or lastly ??

  11. Famille: No problems! I'm quite sure I understand.
    I gathered the front gathers first, then the side gathers and then I stitched the side seams. It worked fine. I had to hand baste the zipper though, to get the gathers right, and I did some hand sewing on it too. Hope you've solved it already!

  12. thanks for your help, i did complete my skirt.
    i had real problem with the front drill
    japanese isn't my first language ;-))
    this skirt is amazing !!
    i send you a picture of my work.

    in french :
    merci beaucoup,
    j'ai fini ma jupe grâce à tes conseils
    je bloquais vraiment avec ce ruché ...
    il faut dire que le japonais n'est pas ma 1ère langue ;-)
    cette jupe est formidable.

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  14. I love your blog!!!!! This skirt is a great idea ( thinking of robbing the idea for the next project!!!! Keep up the good work!!!!!! I am going to add your blog on my recommended ones list. Sewing and Style blog

  15. amazing skirt !!!
    your creations are really nice

  16. This skirt looks great on you! I'm inspired to give it a try. What kind of fabric did you use?


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