Monday, 15 August 2011

The briefest post ever (pattern making-scribbles)

Well, I still haven't managed to photograph my new shorts (baby blue denim), and what I'm making now is very closely linked to a sport I had promised not to mention in this post. Add the fact that I screwed up when I partitioned the hard drive on my new computer (well, not really, but I greatly underestimated the size needed in the Windows-partition), so no photoshop yet (=I'm still handicapped).

But lo and behold, I'm at my work computer. Yey. And was inspired to help out over at Burdastyle. Not sure if my help will be used there though (not all people want to make their own patterns, I know), so I thought I'd post it here as well!

Be warned though, this tutorial is very simple, doesn't look very pretty, and doesn't cover it all. But I think it can be useful, and the dress it's based upon is lovely:

Isn't it?

This is the sunny yellow tent dress by Natalia-g over at Burdastyle.

If I liked things to be loose and flowy around my waist I'd copy it in a snap, but I'm not quite there yet. Might be soon, especially with an added belt around the waist!

I’m a BIG fan of the hands on pattern-making method:

- Make a sloper of a basic bodice pattern (in material or in paper, if you make it in paper cut the pattern pieces without any seam allowance, then sticky-tape the "seams" instead of sew).

- Draw the desired shape of your finished garment on the sloper, while wearing it. I usually stand in front of a mirror to see what I'm doing, and draw loads of lines in grey-led, until I find the right one. Easier in the back if you use a dress-dummy, of the help of a friend who can draw. Otherwise, draw the front first, make markings on the back as a guideline (it doesn’t matter if it looks ugly and sketchy!), and draw the finished lines while not wearing the sloper.

-Cut a pattern straight from the sloper. In this case you need to cut and past to get the two pieces for the front, since they overlap. Just copy the missing bit, or make a mirrored copy of the pattern piece that's on top in the overlap.

Make sure you make the pattern identical on both sides (I usually do so by folding the pattern along the center front and/or center back and tracing an average pattern between the lines if the sides differ).

Now that you've got the details, here's my scribble:

Click on the picture to see a bigger version, or follow this link

Oh, and by the way, I've got a Spotify Premium-accont since a while back, which means I've got loads of Spotify invites to hand out. You don't need invites anymore here in Abba-land, so if anyone needs one, let me know! If you leave me your e-mail adress I'll e-mail you one. And if you don't know about Spotify: it's like I-tunes online, only you don't have to pay for each song, if you use the free version it's all for free (you do have to listen to a few ad's though, but it's bearable). I pay for it, to be able to use it in my Iphone (and not hear the ad's), well worth it!

Spotify is currently available in Sweden, Norway, Finland, the UK, the US, France, Spain and the Netherlands, so if you live in any of these countries and need an invite to get started, you know where to get one.

Read more here

Best thing of all, if you join, you can listen to my playlists! If you're lucky we even share the same taste in music ;-)

Spotify should pay me, really...


  1. Thanks for the pattern scribble! This inspires me to dive back into draping a couple dresses before the end of the summer.

    Also, I would love a Spotify invite :)

  2. I've always liked that dress on burdastyle, but I'll probably never get around to making because there are so many other things!

  3. Oh - I've been tempted to try this method out on a sloper for my daughter - thanks for the info.

  4. Megan: Can't wait to see them!

    Molly: I know! I have a ton of favourites at Burdstyle that I've intended to use as inspiration, but I never seem to find the time! I guess too much inspiration is a good thing, though...

    Evelyne: Ah, great if someone gets some use of it! I hope the instructions are clear enough, but then I think you're skilled enough to suceed even if they aren't. Can't wait to see the result if you get around to it!


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