Friday, 16 April 2010

Forces of nature

Living in the north of Europe, we have our share of cold weather but are usually totally spared natural disasters. Until now (though, fortunately so far it's just a majour disturbance, no lives lost as far as I know).

A volcano in Iceland has erupted, as you all probably know, and the smoke makes it too dangerous to fly, so since yesterday ALL flights in about half of Europe are cancelled. And no-one can tell for how long.

It's actually kind of exciting, and I might be imagining things, but it somehow feels a bit more quiet, silent here. Although I'm in the middle of a big city.

Photo knicked from DN, photographed by Ingolfur Juliusson / Reuters.

This is the smoke that has put us all on hold. I'm glad I wasn't travelling anywhere this weekend!

Unfortunately for me, it seems like the parcel for my nieces didn't get to Norway in time, fingers crossed communications are back to normal soon!

I've actually made something for me now! A tank-top from Drape-Drape, no 12.

 I shall photograph and post it tomorrow. It's rather revealing to say the least, I made it in a thin, white jersey. I think it might be the perfect beach-cover up (though not for the shy) but nothing for work...!

Edit: I forgot to include this video that Sew I Thought tipped me off about, it's wonderful, uplifting, pretty...!

Have a nice weekend all!


  1. This is interesting, actually I have the same impression, that it is a lot quieter today than usual. Although I'm really not near an airport here in Berlin.
    have a nice weekend!

  2. I've been away from blogs for a little while but am catching up today because I suddenly have an empty weekend. I was meant to fly to Oslo today to see my sister and 2 nephews but I won't be going anywhere. The little one is 7 weeks old and now I have to wait even longer to see him.

    It seems quiet to me too but maybe that's because I have a quiet weekend in front of me. Maybe I can do some sewing!

  3. apparently we're going to get some amazing sunsets / sunrises because of this volcanic ash - every cloud has a silver lining!

  4. I think it would be quieter. With the amount of planes that fly over Europe, daily, it must create a lot of background noise that you are so used can't notice it even if you want to. So the sudden absence of that noise...WOULD be noticeable!

  5. Wow, I'm glad everyone is OK, even if inconvenienced by being unable to fly! I love your new banner, so springy and pretty. And that video was adorable!!
    Looking forward to seeing your new top. Perhaps you could wear it over another another camisole underneath if its too revealing? Then you get the benefit of a pretty layered effect, too.

  6. parakeetpie: Oh no, was that this weekend! What a shame, I'm sure Tigerboy was really disappointed when you didn't come to visit them... hope you got loads of sewing done, and that you'll be able to visit them soon.

    Clare: I do so very much hope that's true! I also heard that with all the cancelled flights, the eruption has actually quite substantially reduced the amount of co2 released into the atmosphere, the volcano apparently didn't release that much of it, so there's another silver-lining! Not a big comfort for all those stuck at airports, but still...

    Carolyn: Thanks :-)! I am intending to try the camisole-layering way of wearing it, IF I get more comfortable with its looseness... (wonder why loose looks so great on other people but not me, hm..).

  7. This has been so unpleasant for many people who planned to fly but couldn´t because of the volcano. But this is the smaller volcano, but If Katla (a mountain) will eruption than we have a problem and than we Icelanders will problably be all stuck on our little island, hope not.

    -here you can see some photos-


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