Tuesday, 13 April 2010

New banner

Not that I find it necessary to mention my new banner, really, BUT I knicked the spring-green picture (spring is finally here, I'm so happy!) from Wallcoo.net, where you can download free wallpaper-images.

Credit should be given when credit is due.

I did edit it into a banner myself, but still. It's a nice picture and I got it for free :-).

Talking about spring, this morning I had a walk around our courtyard garden with our gardener and I had an insight. I've long since wanted, longed for, dreamed about a garden, but since I live in a flat it's only a dream.

But really, I have a garden. A garden with professional gardeners at my service mind you. Not that I can pick the flowers I've planted in it (if people see me they might think I'm stealing them, since it's not commonly known to the other residents that I've planted all the tulips and daffodils...) but still. I'm the designer, I have pretty much free hands (within a strict budget), and I can walk around it every day if I like.

Here's my garden last year in may, when the Magnolia stellata was in bloom. It's not as pretty this year, since there is a load of work going on with us renovating the facades, and the plantings next to the house in front (that's the door to my house) are temporarily removed (and deposited as big piles of soil).

The spring bulbs are finally beginning to peep out of the soil now (that I bought for almost nothing last fall, and planted in the dusk in december), loads of tulips on their way, and the magnolia buds are begining to wake up. It's heart warming.

Speaking of which, I mailed the clothes I made to Julia and Ella today, I do hope they like them (nervous)!


  1. lovely banner! it's funny, I never wanted a garden, thinking it might be too much responsibility. Now that I have a small one, I love it and it's not that much hassle! It's just there, an extension of my living room. I love watching it change through the seasons (even winter!) and seeing the bird and animal visitors. I've just planted freesias, anemones and corn lilies in pots for some summer colour. Good to see your garden blooming after your long winter!

  2. Very nice new banner - you could change them to be seasonal! I love having a garden and a back yard - I guess in Australia we are spoilt with space, so having a garden and yard are pretty much stuck in my brain. I don't think I could do without them. Especially with a border collie as part of the family.

    Your nieces will adore the clothes. Special, one-of-a-kind garments made just for them by their Aunty?? I can't imagine any little girl not being beside herself with excitement.

  3. your new banner is lovely, I really should make a banner one of these days. We live in a flat too, and I dream of a garden, luckily my Mum lets me plant fruit trees at her house, now I just have to wait for them to get bigger. I've also started a vege garden at the flat and am planting natives for the birds. We don't really have a gardener so I can kinda do what I like.

  4. I like the new banner - very fresh & airey, full of hopefulness and spring-zing!

    Re: the website to get the banners Walcoo.net takes you to a weird health food site... maybe you meant Wallcoo.net instead ;)? (LOL)

  5. Oooh Seemane, thank you for letting me know! You're right, of course, I've changed it to the right spelling now. The stange thing is that I never visited the food-site, and always copy/paste links, I have no idea how it happened :-s.

    Fun to see that more sewing-addicts than me are also gardeners!

    Clare, I so envy that you can grow freesias, they smell so wonderfully beautiful...

    Rachel, I actually got the season-banner-idea too when I realised how spring:ey it became! I think I may. Change is good.

    Maggie, I think we share the same kind of garden strategy, to use other people's gardens as outlets (and I think they appreciate it too)!

  6. Could you get a garden allotment in Tantolunden? I'm sure they are affordable! ;) My husband and I visited Stockholm last May, and walking through the plots is one of our favorite memories. That and smorgasbord at the Grand Hotel. ;)

  7. A sewn wardrobe, Oh, you've been to Tantolunden! It's wonderful there... I'd LOVE an allotment, but you have to pay to queue, and it takes least 10 years before you can get one... (and then you have to pay for it, hehe) I was SO close to signing up to queue for one last year but the thing is that I hope not to live in central Stockholm in 10 years time so I didn't... time will tell if I regret it or not!
    But it's one of the nicest Stockholm gems I think...!


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