Saturday, 31 October 2009

My own Prada dance-dress

Ok, it’s not Prada. But the material is (from my material-heaven where they sell designer remnants).
I based it on my cowl-neckline-top/dress-pattern but changed the sleeve-openings to cap-sleeves, instructions and the original pattern are posted and can be downloaded for free on Burdastyle (here).

I call it my dance dress because the first time I wore it was to my friend’s birthday-party with african dancing-dance-teachers (we danced all night, it was great!) and the second time was to a Röyksopp concert (accompanied by Robyn and the singer in the Knife. OK, these are all scandinavian musicians so you mightn’t know them but it’s all great dance/club-music) followed by clubbing at my friend’s club. So it’s well danced after only two nights out.

Röyksopp and Robyn rocking it in The Girl and the Robot, it was great! I used camera-phone that's old and not very good to photograph, so I'm surprised (and glad) that the picture turned out ok. Funny detail, in the video I linked to Robyn is wearing a dress that's very similar to mine... she's got style ;-)!

However, I don’t recommend making dancing-dresses in 100% wool. Steaming. I guess I’m going to have to make another one in cotton…


Dance away!

Cap Sleeve Cowl test-run

I was in great need of a new dress to wear both at parties and work. Since I really like my cowl-neckline dress (the first dress I'm truly comfortable in!), I adapted the pattern to work better in winter by adding cap sleeves. Not as easy as I thought!

Since the top part of the cowl-neckline pattern is tilted to the side, the cap-sleeve made the arm-opening smaller, very small actually!

I decided the easiest way to work around it would be to add a bit to the pattern on top of the shoulder. I figured that then the cowl-neckline would get a bit deeper, but that that would actually be an improvement since I wanted the dress to be more party-like than the original.

To make sure everything worked ok before I cut into my material I made a test version-top from a cotton blend. This is the result.

I like it, but there's too much material in the back (in the sleeve opening), so I made a closed dart in the pattern from the back neckline to the back sleeve-opening to remove some of it.

I have added a how-to on Burdastyle here. The patterns is also available for free download there (in a size xs/European 34).

Friday, 30 October 2009

My first 1930's-clothes to be! Butterick 7127 & Butterick 6874

These are my first 1930's sewing patterns. I bought them just because I wanted them, no plan, but after a week in my care (and in my mind) it's beginning to become clear what I want to make from them.

The dress-pattern will become a dress. Simple!
I intend to make the short sleeved version in a black/deep blue viscose that I just couldn't not buy, it was a case of me holding it and not wanting to let it go until I realised there was no option but to buy enough for a dress!

I'm not sure, but I think it's a designer remnant, I saw a documentary about Victor Borgen (don't ask me why...) and his daughter wore a pretty dress in exactily the same material. Funny!

I hope it won't be too much (I love simplicity, at least on me).

The second pattern is going to become the base for a knitted wool cardigan that I intend to make. I bought a Prada 100%wool-knit remnant (in black) that I've made a dress from (I'll post pictures). I had planned to make a nice, warm cardigan with the rest of it, but didn't have a clue about the design, until I thought of this pattern.

I'm going to use the long puffy sleeve and the tunic body, but I'll shorten it to just below hip-level to avoid the coat-look (don't like that on me! Unless it IS a coat of course!). I may make it a wrap-top, but I like the agraff-closure on the envelope, so I'm not quite sure...

I'm glad it's weekend already tomorrow, yey!

Oh, and I have NO idea why all yellow in the pictures turns out blue in this entry... never happened before!
Lägg till bild

Projects on the way

One reason I started this blog is to be able to sign up for Nikkishell's Wardrobe refashion-pledge that feels like the perfect challenge for me at the moment, it's such a great idea and and I both want to support it and be a part of it!

I've felt less and less felt like buying clothes lately, and more and more wanted to sew more clothes of my own. And I have a pile of loved clothes that are nearly worn-out but can be rescued with a little love and tender care.

Another reason is that I'm about to take up sewing from vintage patterns, and I want a blog to document it. I've bought a few (I'm absolutely hooked on the 1930's, love!) and I have a plan...

At the moment I'm working on/just about to start: replacing two broken zippers in my favourite black leather handbag, renovating (with slight refashioning) my favourite warm wool cardigan, making a new knitted black cardigan (by half-following a 1930's pattern) and making a new dress from a gorgeous black and deep blue fabric in my stash (I have a 1930's pattern dedicated for it).

Will post pictures as soon as I have a chance.


Oh bless, I found a non-registrered blogger-adress that I like... phew! It's french and means old-new.

This will be my sewing-blog, about old and new sewing, some from vintage patterns, some from my own patterns, some refashioning of old clothes and some restoration of my most loved and worn ones... so here we go!
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