Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Drape Drape vol. 2

I'm not sewing anything at the moment. Or, well, I'm sewing a lot, but no clothes, I'm working on transforming my paper tape dressform that I made last christmas to a pinnable, more correct version. It seems to work, but it's a heckload of work and it keeps me quite busy.

But when I found the second volume of Drape Drape on the internet last week, I just couldn't stop myself. Even though the only more complex thing (I also made a simple tank-top that I've actually used a lot) I made yet from volume one turned out tiiiny (I think the patterns are actually true to size, unlike most western patterns, I will give it another go). There are still a couple of dresses in it that I'd like to try, so I'll get back to it.

But volume two is just more... me! I got it from Pompadour24 at Etsy, I do recommend trying that out if you haven't already! It was way faster than Yesasia (that I used for volume one), and I like supporting small businesses (especially ones that enable me to buy Japanese fabrics, books and notions at the click of a button!).

I love the fact that when you open the book there's a picture almost identical to the cover picture, but the model has turned her head and looks at you. Very elegant.

And these dresses... simple with a twist. Just like it should be. And very wearable (the one on the right perhaps with a tanktop underneath. Or maybe just with a simple stitch in the middle front, to prevent indecent exposure).

This grey dress, I think, is the reason I had to buy the book. I'm guessing it will be one of the first ones I try out. The yellow blouse may be one of the last ones, not because it's not beautful (it is!) but because it seems like too much work. Later.

The T-shirt on the left might just be my first project though. And I really like both skirts, but the one on the right is fabulous. Very Acne Lanvin actually.

See? Sister-skirts. This Acne Lanvin is from the Spring 2010 collection, one of the ones I had saved in my inspiration-folder.
Funny coincidence!

Update: The "original" denim Acne/Lanvin is 6195 skr, that's about 830 US$, well worth the effort to make it oneself, in other words... :-)

And now I'm back to my dressform! Like I said it's hard work. And you get sticky fingers covered in felt. This is after a good soap-bath (I later discovered that cooking-oil is a super-efficient sprayglue remover).

This was the state of things this morning. The right hand side is almost finished. It looks a bit tattered because of the remains of sprayglue still on the surface, but I think I'll keep it like this. I like it that all my stitches are visable (very Edward Scissorhands), and to be honest, I can't be bothered making a cover for it. I want to make clothes again after this!

I plan on posting a tuorial for this after it's finished (I've tried pinning in it, I use it as a giant pin-cushion when I hand sew all the seams on it, and it works really well)!
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