Friday, 30 October 2009

My first 1930's-clothes to be! Butterick 7127 & Butterick 6874

These are my first 1930's sewing patterns. I bought them just because I wanted them, no plan, but after a week in my care (and in my mind) it's beginning to become clear what I want to make from them.

The dress-pattern will become a dress. Simple!
I intend to make the short sleeved version in a black/deep blue viscose that I just couldn't not buy, it was a case of me holding it and not wanting to let it go until I realised there was no option but to buy enough for a dress!

I'm not sure, but I think it's a designer remnant, I saw a documentary about Victor Borgen (don't ask me why...) and his daughter wore a pretty dress in exactily the same material. Funny!

I hope it won't be too much (I love simplicity, at least on me).

The second pattern is going to become the base for a knitted wool cardigan that I intend to make. I bought a Prada 100%wool-knit remnant (in black) that I've made a dress from (I'll post pictures). I had planned to make a nice, warm cardigan with the rest of it, but didn't have a clue about the design, until I thought of this pattern.

I'm going to use the long puffy sleeve and the tunic body, but I'll shorten it to just below hip-level to avoid the coat-look (don't like that on me! Unless it IS a coat of course!). I may make it a wrap-top, but I like the agraff-closure on the envelope, so I'm not quite sure...

I'm glad it's weekend already tomorrow, yey!

Oh, and I have NO idea why all yellow in the pictures turns out blue in this entry... never happened before!
Lägg till bild


  1. Hey IchiGoGirl,
    I am so excited to see you creations! They are always so inspiring!!! Good luck sewing up the vintage patterns!

  2. Hi Alden! I'm so glad you found me, your vintage dress (it's gorgeous!) was one of the things that inspired me to finally try vintage sewing. I hope I will find enough time to produce, hehe, I'm copying the pattern for the cardigan right now(the original is so fragile it shatters when I touch it...).


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