Friday, 30 October 2009

Projects on the way

One reason I started this blog is to be able to sign up for Nikkishell's Wardrobe refashion-pledge that feels like the perfect challenge for me at the moment, it's such a great idea and and I both want to support it and be a part of it!

I've felt less and less felt like buying clothes lately, and more and more wanted to sew more clothes of my own. And I have a pile of loved clothes that are nearly worn-out but can be rescued with a little love and tender care.

Another reason is that I'm about to take up sewing from vintage patterns, and I want a blog to document it. I've bought a few (I'm absolutely hooked on the 1930's, love!) and I have a plan...

At the moment I'm working on/just about to start: replacing two broken zippers in my favourite black leather handbag, renovating (with slight refashioning) my favourite warm wool cardigan, making a new knitted black cardigan (by half-following a 1930's pattern) and making a new dress from a gorgeous black and deep blue fabric in my stash (I have a 1930's pattern dedicated for it).

Will post pictures as soon as I have a chance.

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