Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Bergen love

No, I haven't become a stay-at-home-mom-seamstress (nothing wrong with them, in fact I envy them all a little, but it's very far away from my life at the moment), and no this will not turn into a blog for kids clothes.

Only very temporarily!

I spent the weekend in Bergen with my brother, sister in law (well, not in law technically, but kind of anyway) and two nieces. It was a bless! I met my new niece Ella for the first time (she's 5 months old), and although I am deeply biased, I must say that they are probably the nicest children I've ever met (oooh, the ties of blood...). Love.

We didn't do much, really, the happening of the weekend was a visit to famous fabric-shop Stoff & Stil (there is also a Swedish verion here), where I bought half the shop's stock of jersey for childrenswear. It was soooo cute, and at such good prices even though us Swedes are poor as church-rats when we are in Norway, I just couldn't stop myself. Especially not with an enthusiatic 3,5-year-old Julia walking behind me telling me what to make from everything; a dress for me, a t-shirt for Ella...

Here are our treasures (I picked all of them but one, can you guess which one?):

If you guessed for the pink one with hearts you were quite right... Julia spotted it from 5 meters away and immidiately said THIS one for me. This is going to be a struggle to incorporate more colours than pink into her wardrobe. I know I will succeed.... (evil auntie me).

I may need these hints and tips on how to incorporate printed fabrics in childrenswear in a good way, it's a busy bunch (but I really, really like them).

The owls will become pants for Ella (she's 5 months old), the elephants a shirt for Ella, the penguins pants for Ella, the monkeys a shirt for Julia and probably pants for Ella, the hearts a dress for Julia and the striped velour will become pants for both of them and maybe a dress for Ella.

I'm not sure I will actually make all these things, but that's the plan... depending on how time-consuming it is. I also plan to make a white shirt for Julia to make good use of the butterfly-badge further down the page. I hope that pants will be a very quick project... if so I will make many pants. And probably a few bibs...

Some cute badges picked out by Julia and me.

Now, I like ladybirds, elephants, owls and frogs, Julia loves flowers and butterflies and is totally uninterested in ladybirds... We both like heart-shaped buttons, at least! But I do like the butterfly and flower too, and it's fun to let her get involved in her clothes. She was very much a part in the decision on what to make from what material... (I constantly find it amazing how much personality can evolve in such a short time, she's not even four years old... children are fun!).

Naturally I had to play with my iPhone; these pictures are photographed with an app called QuadCamera, I recommend it for all picture-geeks (you can also use the images as animated gif's, but I like them this way):

Ella taking a bath in her much loved Tummy-tub.

Julia dancing.

I realise there's been an awful load of sewing for others going on around here lately (I'm also working on a blue dress each for Julia and Ella, from the same cotton that I made my 1940's blouse of).

I even held some gorgeous sandwashed silk that would have been perfect for the Vionnet blouse I made a toile for recently, and didn't buy it.... aaaaah. I was glad to find that Stoff & Stil do mail-order so I can get it later.

I must make up for all this and make something for myself soon, my closet has begun to yell at me in a very loud voice that it needs something new... now! And I am inclined to agree...


  1. The girls look adorable and the fabrics are lovely too. I bet with your overlocker it will be easy to make the things you want to.

    My sister lives in Norway (I'm in the UK) and she had a baby boy yesterday so now I have the same long wait until I can go and visit them. April is when I get to see my new nephew and also the little tiger boy.

    Make sure you sew something for yourself soon.

  2. Hihi, I see your point with temporarily kids clothes blogging... I've also sewn for my niece and nephew, but I guess I find the challenge lesser than making my own garments, and thus not worth "bragging" about... I support you totally in having to make up for sewing to others, I'm never so pleased with sewing as when it's for myself (me, my, myself...)!

  3. I adore all the fabrics your niece picked out! so cute!! I am hoping to make a few things for my super cute 5 year old niece as well!

  4. ...oh, but please brag about the children's clothes result! I'd love to see!

  5. Beautiful fabrics. I'd use some Ottobre patterns the Farbenmix way, which means you'd have to get some matching fabrics. I know the problem of sewing non-pink garments for girly girls. I know you'll succeed :)

  6. parakeetpie: Tahnk you, and big congratulations! It's such a bliss to get nieces and nephews, I had never realised you could love kids that much before I got my nieces. And still I've always liked children a lot... And congratulations on having Norwegian nephews, kids speaking norwegian is just about the cutest there is (well, english and french isn't bad either...) in my (biased) opinion. And the tiger-boy looks just adorable... Where in Norway do they live?

    FrkBustad: Hehe, I promise to post ictures and brag well! But I did have in mind to make one post with many of them, not one post for each garment, I do agree that it feels like a much smaller challenge than adultwear. For some reason, I've almost spent a whole day on the blue dress, and its not by far finished.. But then I've almost made a pair of striped velour-baby-pants this evening! Got to love it...

    Debi: Thank you! Ah, you must post pictures, then I can get inspiration for Julia, since she's just a little younger than your niece... ;-) (am I by any chance trying to make the whole internet-sewing community into a kids-clothes-pool? Hehe...)

    lin3arossa: Thank you! I agree, it would be really nice to mix the fabrics with matching but plain fabrics... I probably will to some extent (though I may be too lazy to find the time to but it, hm...) and the Ottobre patterns seem great! I intend to use patterns I made by copying their clothes though (overlooked by a curious Julia who made drawings of little girls on what paper I didn't use, with the same pen that I used, an excellent sharing-excercise!), I found it the easiest since I don't have them near me to measure and to try things on... I wish they lived closer to me (but I'm very glad to have a reason to visit pretty Bergen once in a while)!

  7. Those fabrics are very cute! I agree with you that making things for others can be rewarding in a pat-yourself-on-the-back kind of way, but making things for yourself is just as good for the soul!!

  8. Those fabrics are so cute! I kinda agree with Julia, the pink one is lovely. ;-)

    I've been wanting do make a pretty dress for my friend's daughter for a while now. But I'm so not used to sewing for kids I'm not sure I could pull it off.

  9. Those fabrics are sooo cute, I wish I could get some of those! Sometimes I wish Iceland wasn't an island, because there is no stores that sell fabrics with patterns these days, because of the crisis.
    Your blog is very interesting ;)

  10. You made a great comment on BurdaStyle yesterday! Very well worded, and I enjoyed it very much! And I'm a native English speaker and I still can't quite see where she was going with her comment ...(fug girls? wt...?!!
    Well done!


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