Thursday, 18 February 2010

Still in awe

I shall speak once and then be quiet forever. Or, no I actually can't promise you that. I think I will be inspired by this man for a long time ahead... but I shall do one post only with my favourite collection of Alexander McQueen's runway shows. Not sure I will be able to keep my fingers from it, I might add more goodies later...

Because this is art. Because it's pattern construction at its highest level. Because it's fun, and beautiful, and inventive.

Also because I'm a cyberspace collector, and this I want to keep.

And maybe also because some people just don't get it, which intrigues me since I so totally get the beauty and excellence of it all, although I might not understand at all. I did read an interview where he said that his collections can't be art, because they have to be commercial. And well, I don't get that... just look at them, commercial? Not art? Well...

Alexander McQueen, Spring/Summer 2010, "Plato's Atlantis".
Did I ever mention that I really like science fiction? If you do too, watch and love:

Alexander McQueen - Plato's Atlantis from SHOWstudio on Vimeo.

And here's his Autumn/Winter 09/10-collection "The Horn of Plenty" (in two parts). All about thrash, recycling, old/new, future/past:

Fabulous, if you ask me.

If you're short of time, highlights from his shows through the years:

I [heart] AMCQ from PressWhore on Vimeo.

Even more short of time? The famous Kate Moss hologram from the 2006 "Widows of Culloden"-show (when the world press had bashed her in public and she had lost several huge contracts after she was caught doing drugs, if I remember correctly):

Oh, beauty! Puts tears in my eyes...

If you'd rather see the whole show, here it is, once again in two parts. The hologram is at about 5:35 in clip no 2:

I just realised the shoes I got the other day (at half price off sale price, but oh so cool!) basically are copies of the shoes in that show... that's three years ago! I must humbly add though, that they are quite fashionable this season... (will the bug-like platform-shoes from the Spring/Summer 2010-show be in fashion in another three years? Wouldn't surprise me. Though in a less extreme version!).

This is from his 1999 spring/summer show. The interesting part begins at 00:38, where two robots from Fiat paint a model's white dress in yellow and black, accompagnied by beautiful classical music:

Curious about how the work behind the scenes looked? This video is from his show in London in 1998 (though beware, there are clips from other designer's shows at the end, and well, they do look very dated and/or bland in comparison, and I do think that the Victoria Beckham clip is from one of them, don't let it put you off watching this):

Backstage with McQueen 98 from Andrew Barron on Vimeo.

And finally, proof that commercials can be beautiful, interesting and inspiring, Alexander McQueen + Puma:

Alexander Mcqueen/Puma - Raw Power from drew cox on Vimeo.

Still didn't get enough? Well, then you're probably a little bit insane (but I consider that a good thing! Too much sanity makes for boring) and will be glad to hear I saved the best 'til last... at the official McQueen Website there is an excellent collection of runway video's. Check out the runway archive and you may get stuck for an hour or so (you have been warned!).

For an interview with the master himself go to SHOWstudio now.

Now, I shall be quiet and try to finally sew little dresses for two nieces, I have been in a cold-induced coma for most of the day... can you believe that, two illnesses the same week? But I guess it's a good thing to get it all done at once...


  1. thank you for putting these together :)

    I just found this on hulu, and thought you might like it... (48 minutes, i think it's so neat to see him being interviewed - i love seeing how such amazing people speak...)

  2. Thanks for the link katy! It sounds very interesting, but unfortunately it's only available from the US... they do mention trying to open their video-archive to the rest of the world as soon as possible, I'll have to get back to it then, fingers crossed!


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