Wednesday, 3 February 2010

I am on a break!

Oh no, I haven't disappeared, but I am in the middle of an insanely busy week where I have to balance work, turning my sewing-hut of an appartment into a guestroom suitable for me + two guests (and organising the drawers while I'm at it) and sewing a little costume-number inspired by this babe:

More difficult than I had imagined, as it turns out. The material is a super nice one-way stretch fake leopard, so the Alison suit from Burdastyle is not good enough, as I had thought it would be. The size L is about 7cm's to small around the hips for tha M girl I'm making it for. So I've made a two-part toile to be fitted tomorrow from both Alison (the bottom part, graded up quite a bit) and a vintage evening dress (the fitted top of it). The girl (a dancer) who is to wear it is considerably larger than me so I can't fit it on me. It would have helped if could have... (I knew I should have kept that ajustable but too big dress-form!).

When I return I will make a Kreativ-award post to thank several nice ladies who gave it to me, I am very honored! And very much trying to think of which secrets I shall reveal, hm...

Be back soon (I hope, if I survive this week)!

Update: Watch the tiger-dance-video here!


  1. I've seen the movie those pics are from and it is very amusing! Best of luck with your costume!

  2. Deborah: Fun! I have no idea if it's a famous video or not, but my friends use it as a background when they do their club-thing...
    I added a link to Youtube :-)

  3. That is a clip from a longer movie, from the 50's or 60's-- I'll hunt down the film's name. It is a very weird American "B" movie-- a lot fo California landscape and crazy stuff at a secluded house if I remember correctly!

    I just discovered your great blog the other day, and was blown away by the Vionnet book-- I went to order it and then got busy and when I got back they were all sold out! I am on the waiting list now.

  4. Hi! I can't wait to see you leopard costume... :)
    by the way:
    I've listed your blog for the Sunshine Blog Award!

    I hope you don't mind :)

  5. Arrgghhh making clothes for other people is just too too hard! I refuse! Maybe if they're the same size as me and just want another copy of something I've already made... I might do it. But otherwise it's just soooo much work and I'm always paranoid they'll hate it!


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