Monday, 5 July 2010

Beautiful Blogger Award

Finally, a post long overdue; just before my long absence I was awarded with the Beautiful Blogger Award by Carolyn at Handmade by Carolyn (which btw is one of my favourite blogs). Thank you so much! I will do my best to deserve it better in the future than in the last month!

With the award follows that I'm asked to perform an A and a B:

A. Tell ten things about me:

1. I love fruit. Especially stone-fruits (peaches, nectarines, apricots, cherries, plums), Swedish apples (they have much more aroma than the imported ones) and exotic fruits such as mangoes, litchies, longans, cherimoyas and, well, durians. I'm not sure my neighbours are as fond of me eating the last one as I am (durians smell!).
I think my love of fruit may stem from the fact that my parents gave us kids exotic fruits (or dried fruits) instead of the Swedish standard "Saturday lollies" that all kids here get. Not too bad actually!

Pictured is a Pakistani Mango. If you haven't tried them, DO! There are very similar Thai ones that are - to my tastebuds - equally nice. It's worth paying a load for them (I paid 10euro's a kilo, about US$12, for this one), they have such a rich, beautiful taste that it's almost impossible to imagine. And they're in season now!

2. I also love old bicycles. I ride my 1951 Husqvarna to and from work every day, except for the coldest months of winter. It's such freedom to not have to wait for buses and trains, and good excercise too. Unfortunately someone liked my bike a lot too a few years ago and tried to break the lock by twisting the whole bike around the rail I had locked it to, result: a bent frame and a mint condition antique bike suddenly ruined. I still use it, but the frame is defenitely not straight any more. Sad.

 My red 1951 Husqvarna on the left, and a recent addition to my collection of old bicycles on the right, another 1940's or 1950's Husqvarna! You can't really tell from the picture, but it's blue and cream, in quite good condition but defenitely in need of some TLC. I was very happy to find it!

3. I'm very annoyed at capitalism at the moment. Not at all things about capitalism, but at the rather common opinion that it's every company's duty to make as much money as possible rather than to try to make the world even a tiny bit better. I would wish that it was possbile to combine the two, and honestly I think it is.
I have a feeling this will make me cut my H&M membership card in two pieces and send it to the company headquarter with a complimentary letter (real soon).

4. I'm not very good at writing short letters. Or texts. Or blog-entries!

5. I have three younger brothers, and two nieces, but no kids of my own (not even a boyfriend, sigh). Nieces all the more loved!

6. I had to show my id-card to prove I was old enough to buy alcohol at our state owned liquor-stores until I turned 36. The legal age is 20. Hah. It wasn't fun in my 20's, but the older I got the more fun it was to watch the clerk's faces (embarresment mixed with surpise)! I don't have to anymore though... (I kind of miss it).

7. Last time I travelled abroad (UK) I lost my passport on the plane back. I don't think I've ever lost anything of importance before so it was quite a surprise! I was also surprised to find that I just had to show my driving license to enter the country again. I spent the whole morning the other day waiting for my turn to apply for a new one (2 hours of waiting...).

8. I love nature. A lot. I constantly sniff the air for loveliness when I'm there. Trees, moss, flowers, rocks... they all smell beautiful and are kind of an infusion of life...

9. One could then wonder why I live in the middle of the city, but I also love being able to go anywhere I like on my bicycle, pictured above.

10. I look blond, but I'm actually a red-head. At least I was until I was five or so. I'm letting my hair stay off chemicals now, no highlights, so I'll soon be back to my own, natural colour (I only ever changed it slightly, but still), kind of interesting! I've found I still have red hair around my temples (wonder what that could mean...).

B. Award five fellow bloggers (Fun. But hard, I like too many...):

I've chosen, out of the last few days' posts in my blogroll, some of the people I find especially inspiring:

Stitchywitch: Green Apples   

Sherry: Pattern Scissors Cloth  

Fouth Daughter: Style Wilderness  

Senasews:  Sew Be Do  

Rachel: Boo Dogg and Me  

Girls! Feel free to just feel a bit honoured, or to pass it on and take the chance to reveal a little, whatever you like about yourselves :-)!


    I had to check about 7 times that I was reading the correct blog.
    You are older than 36?????????????????????????
    I thought you were about 22. Maybe 24 at the absolute oldest.
    I cannot tell you how flabbergasted I am!!!!

  2. Hahaha, you've made all of us jealous at your youthful look! How old are you, exactly? :)
    Congratulations on your blogger reward, you deserved it!

  3. Hahah, now I have to reply quickly... I'm actually still 36. But I always did look like a kid (not fun when I was 25 and looked 15, and was blond, not much respect given to me then, unless I revealed my real age and that I had travelled and had an EDUCATION). More handy now thought :-) (but to be honest I'm a quite young 36-year-old, more than just looking young, probably because I don't have a family of my own).
    And thanks, AnaJan! Btw, you should have a sewing-blog ;-)

  4. Wow, I'm impressed as well! I would've guessed mid-20ies too. We're of the same kind though, because last time I went to the physician, I was asked if I was old enough to pay the fee (you don't pay if you're under 18; I'm 29...). I laughed out loud but it does feel good. I think it has something to do with the fact that I don't or barely wear makeup. Do you?
    I so agree with you that AnaJan should have her own sewing blog!

  5. Yes, indeed you do look exceptionally young. I would have guessed late 20-ies by all the experience you've had travelling, etc. but 36! Impressive. It must be the Husqvarnas! :) I was also asked for ID recently, when i wanted to buy beer (age limit here is 16!). I looked at the cashier all flabbergasted and then she had a close look at me and started laughing: oh, sorry, of course you can buy beer! maybe not a good sign. Should cycle my bike more often I guess. :) oohh, and you've made me want to buy mangoes. I love mangoes! Mmmm.

    And, yes, AnaJan, where is your sewing blog?!

  6. Oh thank you for nominating me!! I was actually tagged by someone else recently too so I need to do that post first but then I will do this one. I KNEW we must have been about the same age from what you said re going to school in Mornington... I always get asked how much younger I am than my sister (and she's younger than me by 3.5 years) so there's something else we have in common, as well as the no boyfriend thing :( . But DEFINITELY no durian-loving here. When my dad used to eat it we used to make him go out to the shed so the house didn't stink!!

  7. I was also surprised at your age indeed!
    You look so young!!

    And I will be 36 soon.. :)

  8. Hahaha! Girls, you made my day! I have to admit I am intimidated by blogging. I've been meditating for a long time about starting my own blog, but I always had some excuse why I shouldn't... Maybe I'll force myself and give it a try :).

  9. Here I am again.. although I can only see one comment on this post today and yesterday I know there were something like 7! I think something is wrong with my internet? I just wanted to tell you that your comment disappeared from my post about the sporran necklace.. definitely something strange going on, but not being a technical expert I don't know how to fix it!!

  10. Fort Daughet: Oh how weird! I can see nine comments here now... but on another post it says 9 comments and I can only see 8... I will check out your necklace-post and see if I can see it! Wonder if it is a Blogger-thing...? With the missing comment on one of my posts it's the same with both my work- and home computer.

  11. A red-head, eh..?

    I love my bike too - waiting for buses and trains is what hell must feel like. I can even put up with the taxi drivers on Vasagatan for that wind-in-the-hair feeling of freedom.

    And no boyfriend? What the hell is wrong with all those men, seriously. They all need a good slapping.

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