Wednesday, 7 July 2010


Well it was to me, at least. I'm usually no big fan of etiher rings or decorated nails.

But this, very pretty! Clean, simple but sophisticated.

Too bad I keep my nails short and get all nervous and fiddly if I wear rings, otherwise I would have given it a shot, come fall!

I borrowed the image from Lady Melbourne, and it's her hands too.

Had to keep it in case I wake up with long nails one day... ;-)


  1. Interesting! I'm like you, I rarely paint my fingernails. However I consider painted toenails an essential in the summer! I wonder if this very cool idea would work so well with a pedicure?!

  2. Oh I agree with Carolyn, I HAVE to have painted toenails in the summer (even though as a kid I couldn't understand why ladies did this!).
    I'm sure Lady Melbourne is happy you're admiring her nails... I've met her twice now and she is very lovely!

  3. I'm back... I finally got around to doing your tagging thing!! Come and visit!

  4. Saw this image on ladymelbourne and loved the rings also



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