Sunday, 18 April 2010

drape drape no.12, loose drape tank top

I've been busy! Loads of sewing done, and more on its way (but not quite done yet).

The first project is my first project from drape drape (Hisako Sato). No 12, loose drape tank top. Selected largely because of its simplicity (I felt like making something faaast!).

Here's the back of it, modelled on my not yet finished balcony, the rail is not in the right position, not yet attached, and we're still wrapped in a huge white tent. Fortunately for me I find the tent rather cosy!

I'm not entirely pleased with the fit of this top. I'm not comfortable with things that are too loose around my middle, they make me feel like I look pregnant.

As shown by my face and pose in this picture, hehe.Like I said, not comfortable.

But it's suuuper comfortable to wear! I've been wearing it around the house all weekend. I made it in a very light weight jersey that I bought at Stoff & Stil in Bergen.

The plan is to wear it as a cover up on and around the beach (f.ex. when I want to buy icecream and don't feel like queing half nude). Should work.

I did change the pattern a bit, it's a lot more loose, and quite a bit longer in the original version.

I think I shortened it about 15cm's, and I must have made it 10 cm's more narrow, removed in the middle of the pattern, ie underneath the arm-opening. I've put the removed slice on top of the new pattern in the picture to give an idea of how much I removed. I think I should have made the slice I removed more narrow at the top, to not remove the drape in the side of the top.

The material is very soft, drapes well and is striped in two shades of white. I like it, it's a shame there is no Stoff & Stil in Stockholm, so I can't get more of it (but I do have some left).

On friday I went to the suburbs to look at an exhibition with work, and did some shopping from a vegetable stall, and aaaaah I should do it more often! It's even on my subwayline...

Happiness! The smell of strawberries and coriander made me all dizzy when I arranged them to be photographed, it smelled that beautiful, and I've had the nicest salads all weekend... now it's hard to get vegetables of that quality in the city, and impossible at that price. Such a treasure...

Credits: the photo "filter" used in the first two pictures is a free download from Dubtastic. I'm addicted to using them! Instant nostalgia...


  1. The top looks cute! I just love cut away backs!

  2. Those veges look so good.

    I think the top is great. You don't look pregnant at all! It just looks like a loose fit - but not in an unflattering way. It would look great with heels and a chunky necklace too. And it will be very chic for the beach!

    I'd love to see it done in a grey marle jersey - you should definitely make it again. I love some instant gratification sewing.

  3. Hi,thank you for leaving your comment on my blog!

    Oh,Japanese sewing book :)
    Very nice top!
    Drapes are so beautiful,and fits you well.

    Vegetables and fruits look so yummy!

  4. I found my first rhubarb of the year last week and I was never happier. You can't beat that mouth-twisting sourness!

  5. The shirt looks comfy to wear. It's also stylish and trendy.

  6. That top looks perfect for the beach or for summer!


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