Tuesday, 21 June 2011

I'm a yoga devotee (outfit for Bikram Yoga)

Announcement: I've taken up Bikram Yoga. I used to do Ashanga Yoga, off and on since 2001, but I needed some variety. Another type of Hatha Yoga seems adventureous enough, don't you think?
Bikram Yoga is also called Hot Yoga, as in yoga in a very hot and humid room. I really like it! 
I quickly discovered though that you can NOT (at least I can not) practise Bikram yoga in capri yoga pants, I did the first time and it was painfully warm. They say it's between 38-40 degrees celsius in the room, and though I don't really believe that it's THAT warm, it's warm.
Here's a Bikram class (picture from www.bikramyoga.com via http://www.bloomspot.com)
I only added that picture to prepare you all for the pictures of me in my new outfit further down (I am normal!).
So, after my first, schocking experience I bought a pair of hideously expensive yoga shorts right away (after I had had to ask for help to turn the shower on after my first class)! 
Then I discovered that I really need two sets of Bikram-clothes since I don't have the time to wash them often enough to be able to work out as often as I like, the clothes are soaking wet after class. I also needed more towels, I use up three every time, two to cover my mat, they're wet too. I think it's quite cleansing, I like it. And now I can actually turn the shower on myself after class :-)
Hence this outfit, at a fraction of the price of the first one; a pair of shorts (a simple copy of the ones I bought) and a top (a copy, kind of,  of one of my favourite bikini-tops). All sewn on my serger (overlock). 
Big relief maker making the shorts: I bought a loop-turner, it's one of the best sewing gadgets I've come upon yet! It's a metal stick with a hook in one end and a loop in the other, you push the metal stick through a bias- (or non bias jersey-) tube that is to become a drawstring or strap, fasten the hook in the end of your not yet turned bias-strap, pull it through the tube and voila, the drawstring/strap is turned the right way! No safetypins involved. No swearing. The drawstrings in these shorts wouldn't be the same without it (and they would have taken a few times longer to make) Easy peasy! 
Here's the top closer up. It doesn't have any kind of closure in the back, I pull it on over my head and tie the staps behind my neck.
If I make another one I'll decrease the spacing between the cups (I have to tie it tight enough for my nipples not to peep out during the poses when you bend forward, and that's about half of them). But then again I'll probably make one in another style altogether, I like variety (even though I follow not one but two kinds of yoga with very strictly dictated series of movements...).
The shorts side drawstring closer up. The drawstring is really only there as decoration, but I guess if it's really hot I might pull it up as much as possible! But it looks better on me tied something like this.
Here's the Bikram series, in case anyone wonders what on earth this is all about. 

I like posture no. 3, 5, 11, 12 and 22. only because I'm good at them. I don't like posture no. 8, 18 and 23, because I'm really bad at them. My neck is as stiff as on a 90-year old and I really have to struggle in all neck- and back-bending poses, but that's why I endure. I want to make my neck more flexible!
I want to be like a dancer, like an elf... (and I want to be able to tie my own shoelaces when I get old).
No pain, no gain, they say... (I listen and obey).
Image borrowed from http://www.pimpmyspace.org
Oh, if anyone else here is into Bikram Yoga, you'll know mr Bikram himself has actually banned the colour green from his studio. I feel like an Ashtanga Yoga-rebel when I roll my green mat out, heheh. Lucky me he's not there to tell me off..!

And here's the Ashtanga Vinyasa primary series. Very different it is, not. More same same but different! The first two rows show the movements in the two sun salutations that you always start the Ashtanga pratice with (I miss them in Bikram Yoga!), then follows the other poses. I never did all of them, only a selection.Image from http://yoga-pictures.co.tv

Ok, thank you for listening. I swear, I will not mention a word about yoga in my next post ;-)


  1. Fantastic! I've always wanted to try Bikram Yoga...one of my colleagues did it very regularly (her partner owned a Bikram studio)....The outfit looks perfect!

    1. Very interesting blog. Alot of blogs I see these days don't really provide anything that I'm interested in, but I'm most definately interested in this one. Just thought that I would post and let you know. Yoga Apparel

  2. I love Bikram yoga! Oh I wish there was somewhere closer where I could practise. Great outfit for your classes!

  3. Cool shorts! I love my loop turner too, it can be a life saver sometimes

  4. I love your post, it's totally inspiring! I am really bad because anything expensive I get nervous about, and the Bikram Yoga near my work is kind of pricey... I'd love to try it ... maybe one day when I make an awesome outfit like yours!

    My mum bought me a loop turner after I got blisters from pulling and pushing the safety pin through a strap one day!

  5. now, why on EARTH did he ban green?

    i used to do it here in NY, but it was just so freaking crowded. i gave up after 2 years when the dude in front of me sweated onto my mat... from his BIG TOE.

  6. oh ps-- your link at the burdastyle post is broken!

  7. I've really come to like Bikram yoga too, when I don't feel like I'll pass out while doing it. But it totally eats up work out clothes and towels with all the sweating you do. I love the shorts!

  8. Great shorts! Groovy exercise gear is so expensive that it is fun to make your own. I love the side drawstrings.

  9. The type yoga clothing you want will depend upon your figure or ease and feel. Movements are too sluggish and fast sometimes so you really need to make a smart pick. Whatever you choose to wear on your hot yoga, be sure that you are comfortable.

  10. no idea about Yoga but love your yoga outfit.

  11. Debi: if you get the chance, try it! I find it very cleansing (the pores of my skin must be clean as on a baby after a session) and great exercise. And I love to be really, really warm once in a while even though I live in a cold climate...

    B: thank you! And yey, a fellow yogi!

    Veronica: They tend to have very affordable try Bikram Yoga-offers, like work out as much as you like during ten days for A$50 (here at least, where one session is about A$21 if you pre-pay ten sessions). That's why I dared try it. Or I know, make an outfit and you'll HAVE to go. I added instructions on how I made mine over at Burdastyle (I might add them here, but I HAVE promised not to mention a word about yoga in the next post..).

    oona: Ah, you brave girl, of course you tried it way before me ;-). Actually, all my favorite teachers are Americans. I think they brought it here... and it's crowded here too. But I think it's easier to handle all the sweat without the carpets. And THANK YOU for telling me about the broken link, I had followed their instructions too well... had to remove a slash.

    seeks: Thank you! i feel like I'm about to pass out sometimes too :-). I have REALLY low blood-pressure, and I often have to just breathe and not move for a few seconds to stop the world spinning in between positions.

    katherine h: Thank you! I know, it's unbelievable how such a tiny piece of fabric, in such a simple style can cost so much! Makes it even more fun to sew though :-)

    Sue Tschopp: Thank you! I do recommend you to try yoga sometime if you feel like it. I find it to be the kind of workout that is the best for body + mind. I like things that work on many different levels at once, and yoga does, plus the world always seems to be a bit brighter after yoga.
    But then, as I said, I'm really addicted to it (and recommend it to everyone. Somtimes I have to make myself shut up).

    We have Midsummer coming up in Scandinavia this weekend. It's the opposite of Christmas (yes, really, the vikings celebrated midsummer blot and midwinter blot, the midwinter blot was later turned into christmas, the only way they could christen us!), but equally festive and with similar food (we eat roughly the same food at Easter too. I think we like tradition, hehe).

    Have a nice weekend everyone!

  12. Happy day. First I see that you're back sewing and blogging your fantastic creations, then I see it's a yoga creation! Double fab! Your outfit is fantastic. I feel inspired to make some shorts when it gets a little warmer. At the moment I just churn out leggings for both yoga and for wearing around town. I've only tried Bikram once but am an avid Ashtangi but I understand needing variety. Have been doing some more general yoga and finding my body loves it!


  13. Hi, long time no see!
    I love your yoga outfit! Are both your outfits the same colour? I wonder why green is a no-no... Fascinating...
    I need to find some Bikram yoga here. I used to do Ashanga yoga classes, then my teacher left to have a baby, so now I just do it myself at home but it would be nice to be part of a class again. I like the idea of the high temps, especially now during winter. Hehe, during summer we could just do it outside and be at the right temperature!

  14. This is so cute! I've been thinking of making a bikini lately. This inspires me! (Although I refuse to do hot yoga...the one class I took had too many old, speedo-clad men grunting, and such!:)).

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  16. The key to making your workout comfortable is choosing the right kind of yoga clothing to sport.

  17. Awesome shorts!!!! I've been trying to find sewing patterns for side tie shorts but can't! How did you make yours?

  18. We love Bikram & sell Canadian made yoga clothes in our boutique in Victoria BC & online at www.breatheathletic.com

  19. I love out outfit! Thanks for sharing the poses. It help me a lot. I would be much better if the images are bigger. Visit Yoga Wear for more yoga clothes.

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. love the shorts. are you going to make a pattern that other people can purchase/use at all? I would really appreciate it.

  22. Can you please tell us what kind of fabric you used? Thank you.

  23. Are there more instructions on how to make the shorts?

  24. Oh wow, your bikram yoga outfit is so adorable. It looks very comfortable too. I am also thinking to start practicing hot yoga so have just placed an order for the best Carbon 38 workout clothes. Eagerly waiting for the product delivery!


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