Sunday, 21 August 2011

Baby Blue, denim shorts

I always seem to lack shorts, and I tend not to buy any since I feel uncomfortable (self conscious) in most of them.

But even in Scandinavia, shorts are a big must for summer! Ie: problem.

A couple of years ago I found a pair that I really like though, a sample pair from Swedish brand Whyred, high waisted, rather tight, with short legs. I love them! Such a rare feeling for me to relate to shorts (love). I tend to just... not like them. On me at least.

So I figured high waisted shorts might be my thing.

I was thrilled to see clioscolors’s version of pattern 111 in the June-issue of Burdastyle magazine (found here). They looked quite similar to my favourite pair in shape.

I've already tried to make a copy of the Whyred shorts once, it took a load of time and I ended up not finihing them. There were too many pattern pieces, and I had too little time, summer was over and I forgot where I put the pattern.

Therefor, the option of a simpler pattern that looked like it fit just like the one I tried to copy seemed like the perfect solution: quicker and still good. That, I like.

Said and done, I picked out the last bits of scraps from a pair of sailor pants I’m working on (a copy of my authentic navy pair), and I had just enough to make myself a pair (it just happened to be almost exactily the same colour as clioscolors’ shorts). I used version b (06/2011 Short shorts with back pockets #111B)

Obviously, I omitted the back pockets! 

For once I used size 36, the size I should use according to the size-charts (it usually turns out too big) sinze I wanted them loose rather than tight, which was fortunate because size 34 would have been tiny! Now they're tight but not too tight.

I made pocket pouches and lined the waistband with a striped cotton I got for the sailor pants (them and these shorts are going to be like sisters!).  One of the more expensive fabrics I've bought recently actually, even the small piece I bought was costly, but it was the only possible choice for the sailor pants, I had to get it! I think it's the perfect match for the light blue denim.

Instead of buttons I used hooks and eyes, out of necessity really, since I had to leave for my vacation before finishing them and it seemed the easiest option to hand sew during a bus ride heading north!

Now I really like it, the hooks and eyes are more comfortable than a button (less bulk), and I like the silver coloured metal with the denim.

I’m happy with them, but I might let the legs down just a tad… they really are short!

Also in the pictures: my brand new wellington boots that I got on sale and just liked SO much more than my nice but hideously expensive Hunter boots that I've already got that I just had to buy them (they were cheap and will get used); my striped silk/cotton sailor tee from La Redoute that I liked so much that I got a second one in another colour (also on sale); and finally the favourite corner of my balcony.

Herbs, cucumbers, tomatoes, pelargoniums, dahlias and a magnolia. And above it, the sky.

That, I love.

Dahlia number three. Number one was a blackish burgundy, number two pink with yellow tips, this one a strange but gorgeous red.

I'm an old lady at heart, at least when it comes to flowers.


  1. They look great on you and I especially like the striped fabric on the inside.

  2. That looks like truly lovely fabric. I can't wait to see the sailor's pants.

    Lucky you've got the legs to get away with short shorts! They look beautifully constructed.

  3. Oh I love these shorts, they fit perfectly and your fabric choice is great!

  4. The high waist looks great on you!

  5. I love these shorts. Great effort. I have cut out my pattern pieces for this pattern... just need to get around to sewing it all together. Hope mine turns out some what like yours. lovely!

  6. I'm with you--I'm not a big fan of shorts! I haven't found my 'it' pair yet. These look GREAT on you--such a lovely shade of blue too!!!

  7. Your shorts look great on you and I love the stripey fabric as a contrast.
    Love your plants too - isn't it great to pick your own produce.

  8. These shorts are adorable! And I'm a high-waist preferrer myself. I'm sure you'll get tonnes of wear out of these!

  9. Hello my dear! Sorry it has been so long since I last visited. Your shorts are marvellous! I have to admit I'm still too chicken to try making my own shorts/trousers.

  10. Hello! These look fantastic! Did you change the pattern? The waist looks so much higher than in the original burda pictures...

    By the way: any news on your felted dress form? I am really keen on making one myself but simply have no idea how to use felt and (more importantly) how to cut the pieces so they will cover the ducttape form

  11. ohlala. Your shorts is the best shorts ever for me. I love all of your choice. Light denim, waist band fabric, hooks and eyes and high wist. I never had a shorts as a sewing project in my mind but i suddenly have. But maye for next summer.
    Oh, i'm curious about your dress form too. I really wanna have my own size dress form but not so keen on masking tape diy dress form. Please let us know about yours if possible.

  12. Wow, thank you all!

    I need to runt to the laundry room and then get to sleep, so a quick note only, but I'm overwhelmed by all your nice comments!

    Lily: great to see you back! I was on a long break myself just a little while ago, so no worries… :-)

    Anonymous: You're right! I did make them slightly more high waisted. I think about 2cm's. I have to check that out and post info about it here and on Burdastyle, I don't want to trick anyone to lower the was because of my high waisted pictures… :-)

    Sue: Yes! My dress form! It's on a halt right now, I still need to finish the last bit of it's felt cover, and make a white cover for it (black was a bad choice for a pale white girl) in a more slippery material, the felt makes the fabric stick to the surface too much. I also need to put it on its stand properly.
    I'll definitely post a tutorial once it's done!

  13. I love your Outfit, Shorts and Rubber Wellingtons are my faves, I love walking around in my Shorts and bright red Wellingtons even when the sun is shining.

  14. I just made my first pair of shorts this summer, too! It's so weird that I have no problem wearing a short skirt or dress, but shorts make me feel, I dunno...awkward. You look great, and so do these high-waisted shorts. Dahlias are my favorite :) I fell in love with them on a trip to SF...they have so many in Golden Gate park.

  15. I love your blog -- so well-written and the pictures are lovely. You mentioned hideously expensive Hunter rain boots but I believe we have never seen them or seen them on you. Please? We'd love to see how you wear them, what you pair them with!

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