Saturday, 20 August 2011

Yoga Top v2

Well. I needed a new yoga-top since the one I made earlier this summer pulls my neck too much (it's a halter-neck), not good since I'm an OL (office-lady) during the days which results in a tense neck and back. No extra neck tension needed! 
So here's bikram-yoga-top version 2. It's loosely based on a top by Shakti Activewear, a brand popular among Bikram-yogis, so I've seen the top live and in action several times. 
I like the way the ties of their Cross-back-top run criss-cross around the back/shoulders, but the front is too covered for me (hey, there's an advantage with small boobies, lower cuts are more ok!).
No pattern was used, I made two square pieces for the cups, stitched darts to give them shape, and pinned them to the desired shape while wearing them (loads of pins!). 
See how the straps run through casings at the sides of the cups? Clever construction, I say (not my own invention, I'm a copy cat).They're stitched to the tops of the cups and (obviously) tied in the back. It looks like it would ehm, fall off quite easily, but I've tested it a couple of times and nothing fell out, no ties came untied, and I did manage to untie the ties behind my back after class (would have been no fun to have to wear a soaking wet yoga-top cycling home).
And finally I had a photoshoot full of energy after a day full of surprises, with one of my favourite playlists (at Spotify, it's right here ) in the speakers of my stereo = I couldn't resist climbing! 
Got to let you know the surprises!
First I ran into a guy that my friend wants to hook me up with. We live in the same city but last time I met him was 8 years ago! She had called both of us earlier today to arrange it all and then we just bumped into each other on the street, I'm still giggling about that! 
Then I got a surprise coffee-break with my brother who just happened to be in the same block as me when I called him, and finally I got soaking wet in the rain (a real shower!) cycling home, I LOVE summer rain! And I love to get wet by the rain, or to be splashed by the sea come to think of it. Makes me feel alive!
The shorts in the pictures are the very ones I made in my last yoga-wear-project (I know they're teeny tiny, but it doesn't matter when everyone else's shorts are too. And I used to be a swimmer during my teens, so I'm used to wearing very little among unknown people when I do my sports). 
If anyone's wondering just why the clothes are so small: they're meant for Bikram Yoga which is performed in a really warm room = everyone wears clothes similar to these :-)


  1. Love that casing trick at the sides - copy cat or not! It works particularly well with the criss-cross thing going on. Congrats!

  2. Fabulous bikram outfit! I love it! It looks super comfy too!

  3. Your yoga clothes look fabulous. How clever of you to make them when they are ridiculously expensive to buy. They look super comfy too.

  4. What a fab idea to make your own.. bikram outfit was too expensive!

  5. Anna: Thank you! Actually, I think even most big designers copy details (so I guess I'm allowed to copy to learn...). And I needed a quick pair of shorts. I do long to invent something myself soon though!

    Debi: Thank you! It IS super comfy!

    katherine h: I know, they're such a rip-off! Expensive things are the best thing to make for oneself (written by someone who mainly makes tank tops and t-shirts...)

    DeniseAngela: Thank you! Yeah, I cringed when I got my first pair of bikram shorts... to get a top as well was just... no. Too much. But they're easy to make, try it out!

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