Sunday, 6 December 2009


I'm in love with this dress. It's a Lanvin ready to wear from fall 09.

I worked until 3am this morning on trying to make a pattern with a twist on the shoulder... a more simple twist than Lanvin's, but still, oh how I would love a dress with a twisted shoulder! And I love the simple lines of the rest of it too (what ever did Alber Elbaz do to hide all darts? They must be somewhere, or is it cut on the bias to get the snug fit? Hm.).  

(Update: Found it, here, for gathers you can slash the pattern from the shoulder to the opposite waist-dart too, and voilá, no darts needed! I hope it works, if so I'll post the process. Harriet Pepin, my guiding star...).

If I had a dressform I'd probably drape a toile/muslin, but since I haven't , I'm attempting to make it by altering a flat pattern.
Pattern Magic is unusually well thumbed this weekend.


  1. I KNOW you will make something gorgeous. You're very talented! Good luck!

  2. Wow! What a beautiful dress you have picked for inspiration. Well done for trying to make this or something similar, can't wait to see what you come up with. What colour/fabric do you plan to make it in? I reckon the bodice piece of this dress is cut on the bias, but I don't think it would look bad in any way if you did include darts for a nice fit. Good luck

  3. You would look great in a dress like this one. I hope you'll knock it off, and hopefully you'll let us know how you did it :).

  4. Considering the fit of the dress, I wouldn't even be surprised if it were made from some kind of luxurious jersey. It's a great dress anyway, so I'm curious to see your version. If you didn't already have you heart set on making a twist at the shoulder, the easiest way to fake the effect of this dress would be to spread that shoulder out at front and back for gathering/pleating.

  5. Thank you all for support (I think I need it)!
    I plan to make it in a thin, black wool-suiting-material (a remnant as usual) that I got loads of this spring.
    I've made a 1/4-scale pattern for the front with all darts excluded (worked into the gathers), it seems to work out ok, fingers crossed. I'm not sure how I'll make the back-piece, with or without gathers/darts... I think I'll leave one shoulder-dart and move the rest to the gathers for the twist. And I think I WILL make a twist (not so conservative with material, I must start making things from scraps!) on the shoulder (though a more discreet one than in the Lanvin), not a fake one, and cut the top-part of the dress on the bias. That means I'll have to place a seam at the waist, but I think it's more flattering for me so it's ok... :-)


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