Monday, 21 December 2009

Twisted shoulder-dress

It's finally finished! I'm happy with it, but I think there are other styles that are more flattering on me. I need to accentuate my waist, and since I'm quite straight-lined, a straight-lined dress is probably not the best option...

Well. I like it the best from the front and from behind, so that's what you'll see (hehe). I love to be able to edit my life :-).

I like the way the twist on the shoulder turned out, but I had to wing it a bit. I forgot to make a pattern for the facing when I did alterations to the pattern (I should have made a facing-pattern from the start and transferred all changes to the facing-pattern as well as to the actual pattern, with a drape-detail like this it's almost impossible to base the facing on the actual pattern, as I learned...) so I made a bias-binding around the neck and the twisted sleeve-opening instead of a facing.

I also put the bias-strip in the wrong way all the way round... so I had to hand-sew it on the outside, I should have put it the other way around so that the hand-sewing ended up on the inside... that would have looked much nicer, and I accidently put the ends of it up on the shoulder rather than under the arm where I had planned to put it, so it doesn't look as neat as it should. But I learned from that too...

If I make another twisted-shoulder-top, I'll put twists on both shoulders, and place them further out (apart). I'll probably put a bit of a cowl-neck in between them too...
And I have to find a way to make my basic shift-dress-pattern more curve-inducing, hm, any hints and tips?


  1. Well done for finishing it! I like the little twist at the shoulder and the belt goes well with the dress.

  2. Wow! You are madly talented. :) Great job- I would love to see the dress in a bright color.

  3. Hm, about the curves... I understand your problem, when wearing shift-dresses I get the same thing. This may sound strange, but in my experience, making the skirt with belt pleats or a tulip shape (any way: with extra room at the hip) can go a long way towards making a more feminine version.

  4. Hey that's really clever! Nice work, a very wearable LBD.

  5. Fantastic! It came out great!

  6. The dress turned out well!

  7. That is a really beautiful dress, well done! You are a very clever and talented seamstress, obviously! To give the impression of more curves, a wider belt maybe?? Although you have a great figure and the dress looks perfect as it is...

  8. I got mine, it was the cutest thing ever in the post! you're a sweetheart you know that? thank you dear!


  9. hi karin

    thanks for the add to your seamstress blogroll! i'm enjoying having a poke round your posts - i think you're going to inspire me to actually DO some pattern cutting this year instead of just thinking about it on the train.

    god jul!

  10. Hey! I loved this dress so much that I made a version for myself - but it has a more fitted form. I can't describe the shape really well as I'm new to sewing, but the top has a round neck and the skirt is kind of straight but has some fitting like a tulip skirt, but not as dramatic! What a simple and awesome idea!
    xoxo Penelope

  11. Thank you all, for nice comments, feedback and tips!

    Having thought about the shape-issue, I think I need to make my dresses more fitted, especially around the bum and waist-area, since that's where I've got all my curves... (not many, hehe, I'm a straightie, not a real woman according to those who promote curves only, oh well) hm. And I think Lauriana's idea about adding shapes may work (but I need to be careful to balance the top-and the bottom). This dress really looks quite sad from the side, at least around the waist and bum. A bit sack-like. I might work on that a bit, I'd like to wear it more.

    Miss Penelope: Wow, great! I'd LOVE to see your version!


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