Thursday, 10 December 2009

In bloom (to be)

I have one vice: flowers (ok, I may forget one or two...).
I simply cannot help buying flowers. And when there's a spring bulb clearance-sale at my favourite garden shop I can't stop myself. Impossible. I loose track of time there too, browsing through the boxes trying to choose just the right ones... and I usually leave with a ridiculous amount of bulbs.
This week was the big bulb-clearance-week.
First I got these beauties:

I got selfish and planted them all around my own front door (I live in a block of flats, which - along with three other blocks of flats - belongs to a tenant-owner's society. I'm in the board, last year I was the chairman, and I'm in charge of the cortyard garden, so I'm deeply engaged in it all and feel kind of responsible...).

Anyway, deed well done. If I pay for them with my own money and plant them myself I may be selfish and plant them where I see them every day, right?

But then they were only 10 skr (=1 euro) a package (the normal price is about 80 skr a package...), and it is really nice to see some more of them when I go to the laundry room... so I just had to go back and get some more. And came back with these:

So now our whole courtyard (basically) is planted with spring-bulbs (I organized a bulb-planting last year too, that covered all of it). Almost as much around the other houses as next to mine (but just almost), which feels great since it's basically a big mess there at the moment due to a biiiiiig facade-refurbishing-project (of which I'm in charge). I also arranged for 6 hamamelis-shrubs to be planted earlier this autumn, they will hopefully bloom in february/march (which is madly early here since we're often covered in snow then, but they can take it, miraculously).

So I think I'm entitled to pick some of the flowers when they're in bloom, don't you agree?

If any of you don't have a garden but feel inclined to sneak around in the darkness and do some gardening (I recommend bulbs for big effects with little effort) you should check out Guerilla Guardening. I almost felt like one of them tonight, but I don't think planting your own courtyard counts, especially not if you're in the board...

Tomorrow I'll return to my pattern construction-project!


  1. I bet it's going to be breathtaking in the spring! Be sure to post pictures then. :)

    Flowers are a vice with me favorite is a poppy or plumeria...growing up in Hawaii will make you love flowers!

  2. I hope you're right! It's beginning to chill up now, so I hope they got in the ground in time (at least the tulips should be ok, they're tough).
    If it looks nice I'll post pictures :-)!
    Oh, I love poppies... plumeria I had to ggogle but I think I saw them in Thailand and Japan, they smell beautiful, right?

  3. Yes! Plumeria's smell amazing...

  4. Mmmm... I'm a true perfumaniac and scent-fanatic, and I love flowers that smell nice... (my hyacinths are in bloom at the moment, the purple ones smell marvellous, the blue ones a bit off actually...)


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