Wednesday, 2 December 2009


...I'm feeling bubbly... and cosy! A little like this:

There's hope in that picture, isn't it?

And I've decided to make Wallis Simpson my styleguide for a while. She  may be best known for having said "you can never be too rich or too thin".
I'm not sure I agree with that one, but she also said ”I'm not a beautiful woman. I'm nothing to look at, so the only thing I can do is dress better than anyone else".

And she did, with success. I admire her way of realising a problem (well, not being beautiful shouldn't be a problem, but I guess some things are easier if you are) finding a solution to it and using that solution to perfection.

Apparently she was regarded as one of the best dressed women in the world for over 40 years... an intelligent woman with loads of style. Here she is on her wedding day (in 1937). She was married to the Duke of Windsor, King Edward the 8th (who abdicated to be able to marry her).

I think she was pretty (she looks much better in other pictures, but her husband was gorgeous, and the KING of England! She was a divorced american...), I admire her strength, and I love her wedding-dress and sense of style... (oh how I love strong women!)


  1. Nice styleguide!
    Though I have to note: you ARE a beautiful woman!

  2. Thank you so much AnaJan :-)!
    I will try to use Wallace's girl-power-cleverness to achieve things though... I just have to figure out how... ;-)

  3. I'm with you on Wallis Simpson's sense of style- I think she was regarded as quite the style icon in her day. Though I don't know much about her, I'm not sure about her as a role model of strength and class. She was the originator of the rather unpleasant phrase, "you can never be too rich or too thin," and has the reputation of having been out for money and social status in marrying Edward, though his abdication of the throne is often portrayed as very romantic. I don't know much about the history of it though.

    In any case, she did have lovely clothes. Have you seen this Burda pattern which was inspired by her wedding dress?

    And yes, Karin, you are beautiful, and you dress better than most people I know! :)

  4. selfishseamstress: you're probably right... I guess what I admire in Wallis (apart from the sense of style) is her strength to acieve what she wanted despite what obstacles got in her way, especially since they were obstacles that were seemingly impossible to do anything about.
    But of course, it's better to use that strength to do good things! I hope she did too...
    Wow, no, I hadn't seen that dress, it's very pretty! Thanks for the link! I still haven't quite decided on what dress to make for christmas, I might get inspired by it.
    And thank you both (Elaine and lathelize) for kind compliments!
    I wouldn't say I'm that well dressed (I'm a bit too tired in the mornings to be able to...), but I discovered (when I became an adult, I think) that you can actually make people believe that you look better than you do by dressing well and carrying yourself off as if you're really good looking. It's funny, I've studied people I find attractive since then and I often find that they've got this sense of style (even if they're dressed in rags) and an apparently good self-esteem that makes their features interesting and beautiful almost no matter what they look like.
    I like that. I guess it's related to the fact that beauty is in the eye of the beholder...


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