Friday, 6 November 2009

Anne Adams 2335

Friday night and coming home was almost like christmas eve (that's when we give our christmas-presents, we're a bit impatient here up north!).

Two yellow envelopes and one little parcel - all with much treasured patterns - were waiting for me, bliss!

This first one is an Anne Adams mail-order-pattern, and I guess it's from the 1930's. It's an unprinted pattern, and it seems like it's never been used.

I particularily like the styling of the envelope, the printed text and two light blue borders are printed on the envelope itself, it's see-through, and the picture of the dress is printed on the instruction-sheet inside the envelope. Very sophisticated if you ask me!

I also like the collar, and the slim lines of the skirt. If I make it (I hope I will!) I'm going to make the skirt a whole lot shorter though.

I have this thing about skirts, I always try to make them a bit longer than usual, but I always chop off bit after bit, I think I look boring in long (in other words those that are not very short!) skirts.

I'll keep trying... maybe, maybe I'll finally be a lady one day?

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