Monday, 2 November 2009

Bidding, nervous... and Marian Martin 9403

I need to do something to keep my mind off my bidding! 7 minutes left on one auction...

Thought I'd show my favourite pattern so far. It's a 1930's dress, but I think I will shorten it and make a jacket.

I love the collar, the button-details and the slim shape.

I was lucky with this one, I was the only one who bid on it, which I find a bit strange since it must be early 1930's and I think it's rare. Rare and old usually seems to mean expensive. But I guess many of those who buy old patterns collect the brands, and even though this pattern is signed Marian Martin, it's a mail order pattern and not from one of the big pattern-companies.

As long as it's a good pattern I'm happy, so fingers crossed I made a good deal, but we'll see...! I dont really know if mail-order patterns were good or not, only that the packaging is more simple.

I think this pattern is the next one I will use to sew after the dress and cardigan I mentioned below, and like I said I'll probably use it for a jacket, in black wool from my stash (my stash is huge after one of my favorite fabric stores had a remnant-sale this spring).

Hopefully soon (but then knowing how much time I've usually got to sew, it'll probably be a while!).

I love the instruction sheets that come with old patterns... the drawings and the layout, eye-candy!

Oh, I almost forgot, the bidding!

I won one out of three auctions, but it was the one that I wanted the most. It's a 1930's blouse/dress/skirt-pattern (it has a logo printed on it that apparently was used only between 1933-35), the dress is sleeveless with a nice collar with lapels that run down the back, hard to explain, and the blouse has very puffy, long sleeves. It wasn't cheap but that one I really wanted so I'm happy!

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