Tuesday, 10 November 2009

I found myself on the internet...

It's funny how things you make can get their own life! My Tea-top pattern that I uploaded on Burdastyle (and in this blog) is now apparently beginning to appear in lists of free sewing-patterns on the internet.

I just found it here.

There's a picture of Lizzie225 wearing her version of it (the notion says it's me, but nope) and a link to Burdastyle.

 I wonder where else it might be...


  1. I use Burdastyle as my main source of inspiration. I rarely post the pictures on my blog, and I NEVER post on Burdastyle because I'm a scaredy-cat, but I'm definitely one of the people out there in the world borrowing inspiration from others. Consider yourself a trendsetter!

  2. Hi My name is Edith I am from Mexico and I love all the things you do .

  3. knitwit: Well, us exhibitionists need the inspiration-searchers (and I'm one of those who borrow too), so it's not necessarily a bad thing to just browse... ;-) (plus your blog is awsome). Trendsetter, wow, thank you! I'm not sure about it but it would so boost my ego if I was, hehe.

    Edith: Thank you so much! I'm really glad you like them, and I think one of the greatest things about internet/blogging is that it's world-wide and that it connects people, so I greet the first mexican I know of as a visitor to this blog here a warm welcome!

  4. Hi Karin thank you and I think is so nice to meet people like you, thanks to internet ,I am 27 years old, I'm studing english(sorry if a write somthing wrong) and like you I like to buy vintage things, small things like books , perfumes or jwelery ,I learning to sew clothes too. We have to much in commun hehehe.

    I am Edith

  5. Edith: Yes, it sure sounds like it! And we have one more thing in common: English as a second language, I probably won't even notice any mistakes you might make ;-).


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