Sunday, 22 November 2009

I've been cleaning!

I've had this camisole/dress lying around for nearly a year... it's by the Swedish brand Whyred.

I love their designs, the founder of the company used to be a tailor and they always use detailing that make the clothes very special in a discreet way, but when I bought this one at a clearance sale I knew I would have to change it to want to wear it.

It was a good length to wear as a dress in summer, but just to see-through, and too long to wear as a top. And the neckline was oh-so-low.

And then I never got around to it. Until now! I intended to clean my flat a bit today (I hate cleaning, but I love it afterwards...) and found it, so I decided it was a good thing to fix (little steps towards a better organised home is my intention).

All I did was to shorten it, and to raise the neckline a bit by shortening the straps.

Sorry about the tired look in the pictures, I am a bit tired, first I went to a couple of lectures in the morning ( it's SATURDAY) and then I cycled all around the city (a couple of laps) buying flowers for my flat (november is so dark here you just have to brighten it up a bit!), japanese food-things (shiawase!) and researching sergers (why do all male sewing-machine-vendors claim that all machines but the ones they sell are useless crap? I don't get it...).

All in all a good day! With a bit of a too early start... (I will make up for it tomorrow).

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