Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Circle Scarf, with tutorial

So, I've finally made something! I got my invitation to join the wardrobe refashion-project today, so I had to celebrate it with something quick and easy!
This is the simplest thing possible to make, but I think I'll get good use out of it.
I've just got to wash it first, the jersey (that I got from my stash) bleeds black dye (as I discovered the hard way when I woke up the morning after the first time I wore a dress I made from it, only to discover that my once white sheets were a greyish puple hue where I had slept.... oh, such a not-nice awakening!).

I will not make that mistake again...

Here's how to make it:

Cut a piece of jersey about 60cm's wide and about 140cm's long, with the greatest direction of stretch across it (the little lines of the knit should run along its length).

I'm a size xs, if you're bigger than me you probably want to make it both a bit longer and a bit wider.

It should look something like this (but I forgot to photograph it before sewing, this is a smaller piece of fabric).

Now fold it in half like in the picture, align the two short ends - right sides facing - and sew along the edge(s) using a stitch for stretch, like a zig-zag, or an ovelock-stitch.

I still use my regular sewing machine (it has a couple of simple over-lock stitches) for knits, but ideally I would have used a serger for this. It's on my wishlist!

You usually don't need to finish the edges of jersey (I LOVE that!), but if you have a serger it might make a nice effect.

You end up with a circular scarf, like a big tube, that can be worn in a variety of ways, for inspiration look here.

For another tutorial on how to make the circle-scarf take a look here.

 I will probably wear it with black clothes most of the time, I like the effect it makes, where you can't really tell if it's a part of the dress/top or a separate piece of clothing...

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