Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Treasures: McCall 6520

I love coming home when there is nothing but one yellow envelope posstamped in the USA on the doormat  (I could have written "in the postbox", but it wouldn't have been true!). Old patterns come in yellow envelopes, I've learned.

This was another one of those patterns that no-one bid on, that I found irresistable. Even though I don't really wear blouses, and I'm certainly not comfortable in bows. But I love this bowed blouse.

I think if I team it with a simple (and short) enough skirt I might carry it of. Either way, I must make one and see, the cuffs alone would be enough to make me want it!

I had guessed this was a late 1940's pattern, and it does say copyright 1946 on the envelope, so I may be right. Not that I entirely trust copyrigh-dates, I've seen very clear examples of early 1930's dresses that are copyrighted in 1921on Ebay, but the hairstyles on this envelope are more 1940's than 1950's I think... (with emphasis on think!).

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