Wednesday, 11 November 2009

A weekend in the archipelago - inspiration!

I just had to show you what I did last weekend... I spent it on Landsort, an island by the sea, in the company of 7 nice girls, all friends or friends of my friends.

I love going to the archipelago. The air is easier to breathe there, the sound of the sea makes me like a temple of harmony. Every time I go there I want to simply shift lives and stay there. I hope some day I will!

When I look at the pictures it really hits me how subdued the colour-scale is, it's all grey, brown, green and ochre, with accents of red. Quite beautiful! It's amazing how such a small selection of colours can be that rich, and not boring at all.


  1. Hi my name is Lisa and I found your blog by google searching circle scarf... I love your posts..I am from Chicago but am of Swedish heritage and LOVE Stockholm... but I also just got a sewing machine and am studying horticulture. so funny to have the same curiosities as you. Thanks for the fun blogs and recommendations.

  2. Hi! I just saw your comment :-). Ah, yes, funny, I'm a landscape architect with loads of love for plants (and nature), i.e. horticulture...
    I hope you will enjoy sewing, I'm about to get my THIRD sewing machine (never could have imagined, and I will keep and use them all). I've heard Chicago is like little Sweden, or at least used to be, isn't the accent there a teeny bit scandinavian too? Makes me feel kind of related to the area... (though I'm embarrased to admit I've never visited the US, but I defenitely will).


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