Thursday, 12 November 2009

Vintage patterns: New York 1044 and Simplicity 1741

I finally had the time to go to the post-office and pick up a letter containing a vintage pattern (although strictly speaking, post-offices don't exist in Sweden anymore. They are now hidden away as service-centres, usually located in supermarkets...), and as a bonus another letter with a pattern in it waited for me when I got home!

This, Simplicity 1741, is the pattern that I actually had to outbid other bidders to get, that I mentioned before (I usually don't bid on the more expensive patterns...). I love the collar on the dress, and the wide, gathered sleeves on the shirt. I think these clothes look increadibly modern to be more than 80 years old (isn't that amazing, that it's more than 80 years old...!).

I'd like to make both of them soon, but at the moment I'm buzy constructing the Pattern Magic wrap-top that I wrote about earlier (ok, I've now called it draped top, twisted top and wrap-top... talk about confusing! Anyway, it's all the same one... sorry!), and I'd really like to make a jacket from another vintage pattern that I've bought.

So I guess this will have to wait a little (it's a good, good thing that the christmas holidays are coming up!).

This is the back of the pattern envelope. I still can't believe it's so old... it looks more modern to me than many modern prints. But I'm a bit weird that way I guess.

 This second one, New York 1044, is one of those patterns that nobody else bid on, isn't it strange? Some patterns from the 1930's sell for well over $100, and other for just a few dollars. The more expensive ones are usually more complicated and unusual, but still.

Well, I'm glad it's possible to get patterns as nice as this one without being ruined! And I really like the sleeves, not quite sure I will use the collar and the jabot, but then again I may since the jabot seems to be removable... (be brave!).

And now I've got fifteen minutes to draft the new wrap-top before I must, must go to bed. Good night all!

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